We create energy to live life

We are a modern, cooperatively-owned energy and fibre-optic group – with a vision to be each other’s best connection and a mission to create energy to live life.

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Our four business areas

At Andel, we run our business through a number of companies, which go to the market in different segments and with different products and brands. Our main focus is on energy supply and infrastructure in Denmark.

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Fibia - Fighting digital inequality

Fibia is one of the largest suppliers of fibre-optic broadband in Denmark – and is the product of an amalgamation of Andels and NRGi's fibre-optic activities in 2014. The purpose of the joint ownership is to harvest synergies and create a merger platform for the Danish fibre-optic infrastructure.

affiliated company

Clever - It should be easy to own an electric car

CLEVER A/S is an electric mobility operator, which operates the first countrywide charging network in Denmark. CLEVER A/S is owned by five of the major Danish energy companies. Distribution of electricity for transport through publically available charging solutions for electric cars strongly points to the future.


Latest news

Press release - June 24, 2020

Historic acquisition in the energy sector approved

The Danish competition authorities have just approved the acquisition of Radius Elnet and Ørsted’s residential customer and...

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Press release - January 8, 2020

SEAS-NVE sells Ørsted shares

SEAS-NVE A.m.B.A announces that as of today’s date the company has sold 9,532,013 shares in Ørsted A/S corresponding to DKK...

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Press release - November 8, 2019

SEAS-NVE sells Ørsted shares

SEAS-NVE A.m.B.A (“SEAS-NVE”) announces that as of today’s date, the company has sold 9,532,014 shares in Ørsted A/S (”Ørsted”)...

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