The project’s partners


A strong team

SEAS-NVE is Denmark’s largest joint-venture energy and fibre network company, with 400,000 customers and shareholders. Our co-owners each own a small part of us.

DTU Energi is one of the world’s leading interdisciplinary institutes in the field of sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies.

The Geoscience Institute us an institute in the Faculty of Science and Technology (ST) at Aarhus University. The Institute conducts international geocience research and offers research-based education in most geological subjects, including master’s degrees in geology, geophysics and engineering geology (engineering education).

The ROCKWOOL Group is the world’s leading supplier of innovative products and systems based on stone wool, which improves the environment and quality of life for millions of people. The Group is a world-leader in the insulation industry. Along with other building-related products, such as acoustic ceilings, facade cladding and consulting services, the Group provides energy-efficient and fireproof buildings with good acoustics and a comfortable indoor climate.

Dansk Energi is a commercial and lobbying organization for energy companies in Denmark. Dansk Energi is managed and funded by member companies, primarily electricity companies, and we strive to ensure that the energy companies enjoy the best and freest conditions to compete and develop in order to ensure development, growth and prosperity in Denmark.

The Danish Energy Agency (EUDP) is a public grant scheme. The scheme supports new energy technologies that can help meet Denmark’s energy and climate goals. owns and operate the Danish electricity and gas supply networks and our core service is security of supply – so consumers always have gas and power in the wall sockets.